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Knights, Magic, mythical creatures!
Just the thought of it blows my mind, because the people who made them or drew them in video games is just unbelievable.
Creativity isn’t a simple skill, it is the art of vast kinds of imaginations.
The first ever game that blew my mind with all it art, background and environment was God of War, I have never seen a game improve with just the tiny details.
I started digital drawing when I was playing God of War and all I enjoyed about it was the cinematic cutscenes and the animations of the character.

I didn’t really care about the story, and I didn’t ever care who died.
I became more interested in digital drawing and animation when I started watching anime, like “Demon slayer” and “Fate Grand Order”.

Researching about how they made these animations was the hardest, I wanted to know so badly cause its something I wanted to do for a long time.

Soon after, my family and I started watching a movie which was about an artist who was the greatest assassin, although it was in Korean or Japanese.

At that time I didn’t know what was a drawing tablet or a Wacom critique or whatever, So we saw the main character in the movie drawing on that tablet, and my Dad knew I wanted that tablet so we ignored the movie and started researching.

We eventually found it and bought it. I knew my life was gonna change as soon as I started drawing on that tablet.

My personality changed from a gamer to looking at drawings 24/7, that honestly made me a bit more creative than before, but it wasn’t enough to match the creativity of the artists for anime creators.

Eventually I’m gonna improve my creativity and make something that people have never seen.

I don’t want people to just enjoy the gameplay and the mechanics of the game.
No, my goal is to make a game that is all about art, background, lights, neon, colorful creatures, like what you saw in the movie Avatar, but even more.
If I could make an anime like that, I would and I will make it the most watched anime.
That is my reason why I want and like digital drawing and animation.

sung jin-wo

My Skills.

Adobe Photoshop

I use photoshop to either color grade pictures, edit photos a bit, but most of all drawing.
I mostly draw anime characters but not exactly the same way how they are drawn, I try to put a nice background behind the character like a scenery to make it a bit realistic.
In the beginning of 2022 I started digital drawing … well not really drawing, I take some body parts and warp them to make the character and color grade everything. It’s worth it though.

wacom cintiq user

When I first got the Wacom Cintiq it really helped me with controlling the brush properly and straightening all the lines I drew. Before I got the Cintiq I had the normal, the classic Wacom tablet. I didn’t really have much control with it as much as I’m having with the Cintiq right now. Well it may be only me that is complaining about it.

Mac User

I have been using Mac ever since I was a baby pretty much, well not really.
My mom’s first apple computer was Mac book pro from 2008, and from there I started using the Mac because it’s honestly just satisfying to use, but the real reason I use Mac right now and by the Mac products is because I prefer it for drawing and graphic design, it is not complex, and fancy too.

Sound Designer

I wasn’t really a professional at making sounds or making beats but it honestly just came naturally since I play a lot of instruments mainly the violin, so then I bought the Akai MPK mini, easy to use no matter what program or app you are using, and u can cary it wherever u like.


I am always competitive in any sport, but not from watching some games on TV live or something.
I am competitive when I play; basket ball, football, baseball, soccer, tennis, table tennis, cricket, etc. I practically played all the sports but I am mainly a pro at basketball, and horse riding.

One Of My Favorites Characters Goku

This character I drew is an anime character that I really like when I was a kid, his name is Goku and he is from an anime called Dragon Ball Super. He has a lot of transformations which changes his hair color, but my all time favorite is a transformation of his called Ultra Instinct.
I wanted to draw this transformation for so long but I just kept forgetting, soon after I got comment from an old friend who told me to draw Goku Ultra Isntinct with silver hair.
I then tried to make it look real a bit which took so long to paint with all the shadows and the blending.
Never the less it was worth it.


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